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8D Problem Solving aligned to AS13000

AS13000 is a single standard for Problem Solving meant to harmonize the multiple variations of problem-
solving methodologies currently used by many Aero-engine companies. Whilst there is no single standard
for problem solving; 8D (Eight Disciplines) is fast becoming the most popular and effective method to
respond to a customer request for corrective action across major organizations and their respective supply
chain. In today’s competitive market, developing the employee’s proficiency in problem solving and
decision making is crucial to ensure each business unit is adequately equipped to resolve problems quickly
in order to achieve their strategic goals. More importantly, developing a mindset that views each problem
as an opportunity can challenge an organization towards innovation and breakthrough improvement.
The challenge of problem solving is to find the best solution to a described problem, as fast as possible.
Having a common and structured problem-solving process becomes necessary to ensure that all
employees, regardless of the business unit they represent will utilize a standardized methodology. The 8D
Problem Solving process starts with accurately describing a problem, analyzing related factual data,
verifying the true root cause prior to implementing a permanent solution to the problem.
In this 2-day 8D Problem Solving aligned to AS13000 course, delegates will gain knowledge and begin to
develop skills in all eight disciplines. The emphasis is that problem solving is not about just one person or
one team that is tasked to resolve problems and improvements at the workplace, it is about equipping
people with the appropriate skill and correct behavior, having a team Champion that continuously engage
and empower his/her team members and having a team Sponsor that can escalate urgent concerns to the
key stakeholders. 
Delegates will experience the problem-solving process using case studies, working as a team with the goal of resolving problems to deliver customer satisfaction.

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be able to acquire knowledge and develop skills in effective
problem solving.
Throughout the 2-day course, delegates will:
  • Apply the eight disciplines as prescribed in the 8D problem solving process aligned to AS13000
using relevant case studies
  • Develop accurate problem statements using a standardized method
  • Select and use the appropriate tools at specific 8D step, aimed at identifying the true root causeprior to selecting the best corrective action and to prevent re-occurence of the same problem
  • Identify necessary characteristics and facilitation skills required based on the team member’sspecific role i.e. as a Sponsor/Champion, Team Leader or Team Member to ensure an effectiveproblem solving process
  • Apply the 8D process as a robust tool to continually improve product, process and service deliveryto meet the expectations of the customer and other interested parties

This course is recommended for all personnel in an organization that needs to develop competence inproblem-solving resolution process.

2 Days

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