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Control Plan


This 1-day course covers the important Control Plan linkages to other activities and documents in the product/service development process such as the design and process FMEA.

  • Identify the different type of Control Plans available and their purposes throughout any product/service           development
  • Learn how a Control Plan is written to describe a system to control a specific product/service or process
  • Identify the controls used for the manufacturing/operation process control

Establish methods for monitoring of control exercised over special characteristics that can potentially affect safety, form, fit, function and/or appearance of the product/service.


Through group exercises and case studies, attendees learn how to:

  • Identify the purpose of each control plan, where the different Control Plan fits within APQP timelines
    • Prototype Control Plans
    • Pre-Launch Control Plans
    • Production/Operations Control Plans
  • Linking Control Plans to FMEAs
    • Crucial link between Design FMEA and Prototype Control Plan
    • Crucial link between PFMEA and the Pre Launch Control Plan
  • Identify the required contents for the various columns in the Control Plan
    • Product/service Characteristics & Features
    • Process Parameters & Variables
    • Specifications / Tolerances
    • Evaluation / Measurement Technique
    • Sample Size and Frequency
    • Control Method
    • Reaction Plan
    • Develop and utilize the Reaction Plan-the most important element of the Control Plan


This workshop is recommended for all personnel in an organization that require competency in the area of control plan development.


1 day

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