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Design Of Experiment (My First DOE)


This course is designed to prepare participants for DOE Factorial (another course). It is not a prerequisite to DOE Factorial course, but it will help participants to learn the subject more effectively and efficiently. In day 1 participants will learn the components DOE. This includes the conditioning of DOE response(s), inputs (X-factors), noise control, and design matrix. Learning this course shall help DOE practitioners from making errors while doing DOE in real. DOE simulation will be done almost manually to build a good understanding DOE concept and how the calculation is done. Participants will learn how DOE, unlike trial and error and testing one factor at a time (OFAT), deploys intelligent technique that saves a lot of time. With only a few systematic steps it allows us to have outside the box result (innovation).


In day 2, participants will learn about statistical concepts and tools that are used in DOE. It includes the sources of variation, confidence intervals, and risks. Attending this course will make learning DOE Factorial interesting and motivating.



Upon completion of this training, participants will acquire the knowledge of systematic experiment method and its application opportunities in their day to day work. The participants shall be able to:-


  • Plan meaningful experiments towards process innovation
  • Support engineers in implementing DOE at workplace
  • Have new paradigm about transforming arts into science in all processes they own



  • Product development engineers and officers
  • Production control engineers and officers
  • Process owners
  • Staffs who are looking for experiment technique in their work (manufacturing or services)




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