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Design Of Experiment (DOE Advanced)


Experimental design consists of purposeful changes of the inputs (factors) to a process (or activity) in order to observe changes in the outputs (responses) – this is what participants learn in DOE Factorial. This course is the extension of DOE Factorial in which participants will learn advance DOE techniques like 3-level experiments, Multiple Response Optimization (MRO), Response Surface Methodology (RSM), and Taguchi Method. With these advance techniques in the tool box, participants will be able to carry out more high impact experiments. This course too shall develop participants’ skill so that they can train junior experimenters by themselves.



Upon completion of this training, participants will acquire the knowledge and application skills to apply DOE as a preferred best practice in innovation work. The participants shall be able to:-


  • Make use of 3-level experiments depending on the suitability of the process
  • Choose a more appropriate design matrix to maximize the optimization opportunities
  • Understand better about statistical tests – this gives the capability to make various and meaningful experiments or tests
  • Understand better the similarities and differences of thoughts among statistician about doing experiments



  • Product design managers, engineers and officers
  • Production control managers, engineers and officers
  • Process owners
  • Staffs who are looking for innovation in their work (manufacturing or services)




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