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Hypothesis Test


When one makes a hypothesis, it must be proven for it to be useful for application. A hypothesis must have another hypothesis to challenge or deny it. For a hypothesis or theory to win it must have enough confidence or significance to support it. Every day people make decisions, and they are hoping their decisions are correct. Statisticians and engineers had devised a statistical technique called Hypothesis Test to help people in decision making. In Hypothesis Tests, the test is performed merely by comparing statistical characteristics of data under investigation. Comparing data characteristics is so easy, but when performed statistically, it becomes so powerful and meaningful in decision making. This course explains the type of data to be compared, the type of comparison to make, and confidence level required. The application scope of Hypothesis Test goes very wide leaving almost no case uncovered.



Upon completion of this training, participants will acquire the knowledge and application skills to apply Hypothesis Test in product creation and process improvements. The participants shall be able to: -

  • Draw hypothesis statement in various situations
  • Collect meaningful data to perform statistical analysis of the process where the data is collected
  • Make statistical judgment based on the P-value and other statistical parameters
  • Transform statistical analysis into meaningful solution



  1. Production control engineers and officers
  2. Product design engineers and officers
  3. Process owners
  4. Staffs who are looking for validation technique in their work (manufacturing or services)




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