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Lean Sigma Evolution


This course explains how the approaches of Lean and Six Sigma can support each other when combined into one seamless Business Improvement Methodology to provide an improvement model that concentrates on both reducing lead time and variability. Lean tools are linked to the robust DMAIC [Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control] problem-solving approach, and focus on analyzing processes, customer demand, and product flow – producing fast and visual process improvements. Six Sigma techniques are applied throughout the improvement process to provide robust data analysis, measurement and creative solutions required to reduce complex variability in product and processes.


At the end of the classroom training there will be a workshop on defining and planning Lean Sigma pilot projects. In most companies this part is handled by the Champion and Black Belts. The success of Lean Sigma implementation very much depends on the outcome of this “Define” phase.



Upon completion of this training, participants will acquire the knowledge to assist Lean Sigma implementation in their organization. The participants will be able to:-


  • Explain how Lean Sigma improves business performance
  • Describe the Lean Sigma philosophy and approach to continuous improvement
  • Support the application of Lean Sigma improvement methodology
  • Recognize the right Lean Sigma tools to use for a particular problem
  • Identify Lean Sigma roles and responsibilities, project selection, metrics, results tracking, and management of project results to sustain the gains



  • Process design managers, engineers, and officers
  • Product design managers, engineers, and officers 
  • Process owners
  • Staffs who are looking for best practices to be used in their work (manufacturing or services)




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