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Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA for Continuous Improvement)


PDCA stands for Plan – Do – Check – Act. It is an approach made popular by Dr W. Edwards Deming when he was helping the Japanese to come back after the World War which had caused a lot of damages. PDCA is also referred as Deming Cycle. The birth of PDCA came after TQM was created to help the Japanese automobile companies. TQM which is popular by its 14-points has five pillars – customer focus, planning process, process management, process improvement, and total participation.

TQM is a model for continuous improvement. And for this continuous improvement to work, PDCA cycle acts as the best and fastest tool. The PDCA work structure allows it to be cascaded down to micro level of every process unit. Thinking it in more thorough – smaller PDCA can be created in each P-D-C-A cycle or phase. This course explains how PDCA work cycle is put in real practice. While PDCA methodology is rather simple, its familiarization is very important. For this, small courses are prepared to be practised in classroom.

In day 2 of the training, courses are continued with real examples in the company. It shall demonstrate how PDCA is done in daily tasks, and at the same time it clears the many doubts about PDCA implementation. A good coordination of PDCA activities will help the company achieve meaningful mileage in its business operation.



Upon completion of this training, participants will acquire the knowledge and application skills to apply PDCA as a preferred tool in process repairs and improvements. The participants will be able to: -

  • Explain how PDCA is used to improve process performance
  • Describe PDCA methodology and approach to continuous improvement
  • Deploy PDCA improvement methodology at workplace



  • Production control engineers and officers
  • Product design engineers, and officers 
  • Process owners
  • Staffs who are looking for best practices to be used in their work (manufacturing or services)




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