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Quality Function Deployment (QFD)


The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method translates customer requirements into product design and manufacturing process specifications. Since its conception in 1966, QFD has helped leading organizations to improve product performance and customer satisfaction. Since then, practitioners have refined the process and improved its efficiency. Today, QFD provides tools for identifying customer delighters and focusing your organization on the critical characteristics of the product components and manufacturing standards. This course goes beyond teaching the classic House of Quality deployment to include identification of customer requirements, delighters, and critical characteristics; addressing material and process variability; applying both classic and streamlined QFD, and sustaining the QFD process. As a course, participants work on actual designs from their organization. A preparation phase prior to the start of the course ensures that delegates work on meaningful designs during the course.



Through instruction, case studies, and guided application activities on actual designs from the organization, delegates learn how to:


  • Describe QFD and its benefits, and how QFD links to Design for Six Sigma and TQM.
  • Explain the QFD process.
  • Charter the QFD project and select the QFD team.
  • Define Voice of the Customer.
  • Segment customers and gather customer requirements through multiple listening posts such as    warranty data, complain data, repair reports, focus groups, test panels, benchmarking, and others.
  • Define, explain, and present the Kano model, and apply the model to characterize customers’ “must have,” “delighters,” and “performance” requirements.
  • Apply the Kano model.
  • Explain how to use the output of the Kano model in the QFD process.
  • Explain and use the Product Requirements Document.
  • Compare tools for deploying the Voice of the Customer including: Y = f(x) drill down, Critical-to-Quality Tree, and QFD Tables.
  • Recognize how material and process variation effects product and functional quality.
  • Identify performance and reliability gaps.
  • Create operational definitions and the Critical Parameter Scorecard.
  • Apply the “classic” QFD process and Streamlined QFD and explain the differences.
  • Integrate QFD into the New Product Introduction process, and focus your organization on meeting critical customer drivers and delighters.
  • Sustain QFD.



This course is designed for practitioners and teams involved in product and process development.



2 days

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