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Reliability Engineering (RE)


Reliability Engineering or RE is a disciplined product design process used in conjunction with an organization’s existing product design procedures.  The goal of the course is to provide participants with sufficient knowledge of the reliability engineering concern and resolution process towards better understanding on how RE can impact quality and customer satisfaction. Reliability engineering or high mileage reliability is often used interchangeably in the automotive industry.

RE team can identify potential reliability concerns based on input/output from many engineering documents such as DFMEA, early in the design concept phase.  These concerns can then be studied using many of the reliability tools that will be reviewed in this course. 

This course focuses on a 8-stage process that encompasses the entire design process from teaming and potential concern identification to noise factor management and design update including:

  1. Teaming and the multidisciplinary approach
  2. Identify potential concerns
  3. Analyze failures on similar designs in service
  4. Analyze current design and check for compliance with customer requirements
  5. Develop testing plan
  6. Develop noise factor management plan
  7. DVP&R plan
  8. Management approval and sign off

Preparation for this session is necessary.  Participants either as a group or individually should identify an existing or new part being developed for use as example in the course.  All design information should be made available, such as CAD files, drawings, DFMEA, current DVP&R and testing plan, performance data, etc.  This course will explore the tools used within each of the phases such as DFMEA, P-Diagrams, Error Proofing, and boundary diagrams, among others.



Using the courseware provided and the above mentioned part example, upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the fundamentals and basics of the RE process
  2. Discuss the 8-steps of the RE process
  3. Identify the primary tools contained within the 8-steps of the process
  4. Explain to others the basic purpose of the primary tools within the 8 step process
  5. Participate as a team member in an RE project



This course is recommended for all product design personnel who are responsible to the proper design and testing of company owned designs.  Quality and manufacturing personnel will also benefit from attending this course.


2 days

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