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Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a 2-day program that allows participants to acquire SPC fundamentals
followed by the techniques of implementation in the workplace.
The program offers applications of the SPC techniques, concept of variation and all that which is an integral part of the quality control effort.  Various techniques for process analysis are reviewed, including process capability and performance studies. Participants will learn how to construct attribute and variable control charts based on the control methods stated in the Quality Plan/Control Plan.
Participants will look at sample size, and frequency and control chart interpretation. Topics cover interpreting and making decisions based on control charts. The integration of continuous improvement concepts and strategies into process control is discussed throughout this program to enhance learning and provide examples, the instructor will use in house examples or examples using Minitab.
Relevant examples related to the topics covered will be used to enable participants to grasp the use of SPC in practical situations. These days, the use of software with SPC has become popular, nevertheless, the same techniques are still applicable even when no software is available.
The use of Minitab is simply to assist in the data collection, chart construction and analysis but can never replace the human intervention that is required for process control.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify product or process characteristics that require statistical process control 
  • Develop Sampling Plan
  • Perform data collection and analysis through the use of 7 QC tools
  • Create control chart for use with attribute or variable type data
  • Analyze control chart for out of control conditions and actions required
  • Calculate and interpret process performance and process capability

This program is recommended for executives, supervisors, and staff in manufacturing, quality, andassembly disciplines. Participants are required to identify product characteristics within their organization forcontrol using SPC prior to attending this program. Knowledge of basic mathematics and use of a scientificcalculator are required. This program requires class participation and participants will be required tocomplete assignments on time.

2 Days

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