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Value Stream Mapping (VSM)


Today where customers at every part of the globe are demanding continuously improving quality at ever-reducing prices, and greater flexibility with shorter lead times; traditional ways of organizing the manufacturing function are no longer adequate. Keeping high stock of finished products which many manufacturers practice to respond to customer for their many operation problems is actually the most evil practice with its many risks in the view of lean manufacturing. To be successful in today’s marketplace everybody in the organization is empowered to identify and eliminate waste, in order to make significant improvements in performance.

This program explains how the approaches of Lean manufacturing can bring continuous improvements by removing waste identified in every process unit. This will reduce process cycle time, change over loss, and finally shorten the Lead time. Reducing process lead time will bring a lot of benefits to manufacturers or service providers. This course use simulated exercises to make the 5 Lean principles easy to understand by all levels of participants. Lean is applicable to all industries. The production terms used have their similar characteristics in service industries. Participants will learn how Lean can be deployed organization-wide practically in both manufacturing environment as well as in service environment.

Lean initiative can best be represented by VSM projects. Participants will learn Lean methodology based on the VSM project framework. It tackles waste systematically and practically along product stream and along value stream. The 2-day program will be spent exploring each branch of the framework with real examples in workshops.   



Upon completion of this training, participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to apply VSM as the main lean tool in manufacturing process. The participants shall be able to:-

  1. Understand and explain House of Lean
  2. Fully understand function of value stream mapping as tool for lean
  3. Develop the ability to see the flow of value along the stream
  4. Develop the current state map and find opportunities for improvement
  5. Develop the 10 years future state map (and plans to achieve it)
  6. Explore waste elimination through PS Kaizen (waste in workstation set up and waste in process execution)
  7. Explore waste elimination through Kaizen Blitz (waste between processes, within process, and within change-overs)
  8. Explore waste elimination through Lean Innovation system development



  • Process design managers, engineers, and officers
  • Supply chain managers, officers 
  • Process owners
  • Staffs who are looking for best practices to be used in their work (manufacturing or services)




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